Come Along And Ride This Train

Johnny Cash

Come along and ride this train come along and ride this rain
Cross the mountains prairies reservations rivers levees plains
Come along and ride this train
3. Medley:

(Ride this train
Ride this train with me to where the great Interstate highways cross the country
A hundred years ago over that very ground long before the roads were there
The lonely pony express rider carried the mail
Then came the stagecoach with people and supplies moving across country
Today carrying on that tradition is the modern mover of America
The man behind the wheel the truck driver)

(Earl Green - Carl Montgomery)
« © '58 Southern Arts Music, BMI »

Well I pulled out of Pittsburgh rolling down that eastern sea board
I got my diesel wound up and she's running like never before
There's a speed zone ahead well alright I don't see a car in sight
Six days on the road and I'm gonna make it home tonight

Well my rig's a little old but that don't mean she's slow
There's a flame from her stack and the smoke's blowing black as coal
My home town is coming in sight if you think I'm happy you're right
Six days on the road and I'm gonna make it home tonight
Six days on the road and I'm gonna make it home tonight

(Sixteen forward gears diesel smoke trailing in the wind
Eighteen tyres checked and singing on the pavement
Five thousand miles to cover three weeks away from home
And it's work Mister it demands the best
And whether your run is on Interstate 70 or hauling freight down the eastern seaboard
If you're a gear jammer you know there ain't no easy runs)

(Tom T. Hall - Dave Dudley)
« © '68 Newkeys Music, BMI / Unichappell Music, BMI »

I was sittin' in the terminal waitin' for my load
When a greenhorn driver came in off of the road
I heard him tell that foreman get my little pink slip
This run is too tough and I'm gonna quit

Now the foreman that day happened to be old Joe
Man he was older than time
He said son how long you been driving this rig
You know I've drove all shapes forms fashions and kinds
And here you are worried about this one little trip
Why I've drove a million miles and then some
He looked that greenhorn right in the eye and he said
Boy there ain't no easy runs

I've drove for Roadway Interstate Hopewell Great Lakes
Walford Mac Time Mayflower Freight Lines
Specter Yellow Transit and Western and Gillete
Red Ball Rider North Western Big Seattle
Beaver Bell Hoover McLeans Gateway Motor Freight Transport Pikes
Dixie Ohio Trans American South East Tex Mason Dixon Watkin and Transcon
Wilson Associates got all that driving done
And I tell you boy there ain't no easy run

Said if you got a gal in Texas they'll send you up to Maine
And if you got a gal in New York they'll send you out on the plains
I know what your problem is you got woman trouble son
And I tell you boy there ain't no easy run

I've drove for Navajo Rate Goose DC
North American High Line Baltimore Freight Park
New Mac Curtis Eastern and then NX
Garrett Hayes Federal and ETM
And Neptune Herron Brinks and Sea Lab
First Dudley Dorsey Bekins and Billingham
Cooper Detroit Jones and American too
Nightway and Central Standard and Boston Sue
Yunham Buckingham got all that driving done
And I tell you boys there ain't no easy run

I've drove for United Acme Tanksley and Shaw
Grammar Atlas Strickland and Docks
Atlantic Owens Karin and Bullman H & H Murphy Field and Mohawk
Skill Skags got all the driving done
And I tell you boys there ain't no easy run
Ain't no easy run

(The next time you see a big semi roaring down the highway
Remember the man at the wheel has a great heritage in America
Like the Pony Express rider the stagecoach driver and the wagon master of old
No matter what the weather no matter where the road
He's the man that delivers the goods
And whatever you eat tonight whatever you wear wherever you sleep
Remember it's very likely that it was a trucker
That brought you your food clothers and your bed)

(Merle Travis)
« © '70 Tree Publishing, BMI »

Well my ocean is four lanes wide my waves are mountain high
I sail a twenty ton schooner with the will of do or die
And my cargo must go through to the port that waits for me
I live on luck for I drive a truck I'm a sailor on a concrete sea
So here's to the unsung hero though he don't make history
From coast to coast let's drink a toast
To the sailor on a concrete sea the sailor on a conrete sea
(Take it easy truckers there ain't no easy run)
(Most of my people and the people I knew back home
Made their greatest accomplishments in this life
By hard work with their two bare hands
When a fella has given life a good grind and is lying on his dying bed
With his hands folded crossed his chestbone
Feeling the last pumping of his innard workings
One of his good folks ought to raise up his head a tad
And let him take one fadin' look through his eyes once again at his own two hands
And he ought to be proud in his head if he can say
Concernin' them hands that all their lying by has been laid by proper
And that's a bunch of times I have done somethin' pretty good with 'em)

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Quando a música “Come Along And Ride This Train” foi lançada por Johnny Cash?
A música Come Along And Ride This Train foi lançada em 2007, no álbum “The Great Lost Performance”.

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