Stairs To The Attic

Peter Silberman

I decided on that evening
That I was through with sitting still
I stood up and started moving
With a childlike fascination

For those doors that don't have locks
And the stairways that were blocked
So I dug through the obstruction
Put my fist around the railing

And each step was far apart
And far away from steps before it
And the air was getting thinner
Until I couldn't breathe at all

And if I happened to look behind me
There were miles and miles of stairs
Enough so I couldn't see the doorway
But I knew that it was there

And on the last step I was dizzy
Because there were stairs in all directions
But I found another door
And through the door there was the attic

Without old clothes
Without a ceiling
Everything had opened wide
Into the jaws of something bigger
And suddenly I saw that I was

Upstairs and outside
And freezing on the roof
Finally, it had found me
The answer, the feeling, and the truth

That I'm small
That I'm small
That I'm small
I'm smaller than the smallest fireball

Curiosidades sobre a música Stairs To The Attic de The Antlers

Quando a música “Stairs To The Attic” foi lançada por The Antlers?
A música Stairs To The Attic foi lançada em 2007, no álbum “In The Attic Of The Universe”.
De quem é a composição da música “Stairs To The Attic” de The Antlers?
A música “Stairs To The Attic” de The Antlers foi composta por Peter Silberman.

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