There's a World

Neil Young

There's a world you're livin' in
No one else has your part
All God's children in the wind
Take it in and real blow hard

Look around it, have you found it
Walkin' down the avenue?
See what it brings, could be good things
In the air for me and you

We are leavin' (we are leavin'), we are gone (we are gone)
Come with us to all alone
Never worry (never worry), never moan (never moan)
We will leave you all alone

In the mountains (in the mountains), in the cities (in the cities)
You can see the righteous dream
Look around you (look around you), has it found you? (Has it found you?)
Is it what it really seems?

There's a world you're (there's a world you're) livin' in (livin' in)
No one else has your part
All God's children (all God's children) in the wind (in the wind)
Take it in and blow hard

Ooh, aah
Ooh, aah

Curiosidades sobre a música There's a World do Sufjan Stevens

Quando a música “There's a World” foi lançada por Sufjan Stevens?
A música There's a World foi lançada em 2023, no álbum “Javelin”.
De quem é a composição da música “There's a World” do Sufjan Stevens?
A música “There's a World” do Sufjan Stevens foi composta por Neil Young.

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