Gang Starr

featuring Total

You gotta hold your head up..
Oahh-eahh-oh-ahh, oahh-eahh-oh-ahh
Oahh-eahh ahh-ahh
Oahh-eahh-oh-ahh, oahh-eahh-oh-ahh

Yo.. just because I want to it don't mean I will
And just because I'm angry it don't mean I'd kill
And just because she looks good it don't mean I'd hit it
And just because I'm horny, it don't mean I'm widdit
Just because I make records, don't mean that I'm gassed
And just because I'm rappin, don't mean I chase ass
Just because I'm whylin don't mean I can't stop
I got discipline baby, and I use it a lot
People, here's somethin that you should be considerin
Things could turn bitter when, you don't use discipline
You might wake up the next day, upset and in fear
Buggin out, yappin bout, "How the fuck did I get here?
Who the hell is this stranger, starin all in my face?"
Now you wishin you hadn't positioned yourself, in that place
Think just in case you shoulda took more precaution
A good time can become a nightmare so often
Like this nigga I know, that met these chicks on tour
They rocked him to sleep, robbed his ass for cash galore
Skated off in the night, without a trace or a hint
Scheamin tantalizin him, dressed up in lace and shit
Caught that kid out there, all high and dumbfounded
Made him think he was gettin some pussy
He just knew he was gonna pound it
Situations like this, will make you think twice
That's why instead of preachin death in my songs, I breathe life

Baby won't you take the time (take the time)
Let me know what's on your mind (your mind)
Just because I'm yours don't

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