The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (feat. Kid Cudi)

Yep (aww)
Yep (mmm-aww)

Yeah, it's been a minutes, but I'm back in it (uh)
Y'all ain't dealing with the same boy (no)
Got a little trippy, then I transitioned (yeah)
New attitude mixed with that pure raw (aw)
The night game, your girl called
She like: Do me baby, down to get busy, busy? (yes)
No dice, chill wooday (no)
In life, feeling dizzy
Oh, having visions of the city and I go to war
See me in the day through the late night (night)
Tell 'em it's the charm, I'm in freeze mode
To the gods, can't stop a hero when he in flight (flight)
I'm swimming in the light right, go and get you some
Go and show 'em something, this a new thang
Yeah, I let my nuts hang (yeah)
Knock your top off with lebron or dwyane wade (yeah)
Aww, lift off

Can't stunt a nigga growth, better get gone, move along (uh)
You don't wanna trip, wanna get it on? (Uh)
You don't wanna act, don't get me wrong (nah)
They don't listen to the words in the song (uh-huh)
We ain't gotta tell 'em, we just getting ready (yeah)
See 'em fronting, we ain't kidding
If you want it, you can get it
Members of the rage, come and get you some
Next step's out of the jet from the lean back
Running 'round the world and we ain't packed
Hit 'em vroom, vroom, leave 'em stuck, oh, you seen that?
I'm chilling, where the team at?
See a black Benz pull up with some jawns, yeah, I need that
So crazy, can't believe it
No cams, damn, no filming at all, real nigga facts (come on)
Years ago, rehab
All good, helped me figure out another plan
It got bad, so bad
Nah, I ain't fucking love that man
Then I hopped out in a new zone with my Louis bag
True story, take you through the dark and the light (yeah)
God son, got through new
Back up in the world, it's the day in the life (cud)
Hit the blunt and get it (dude)
Raised bars (uh) same song, we did it (yeah)
Hot sauce, pour it on all jams, explicit
Carry on, smoke strong, got your momma down with it (come on)
And the game fucking needed something dirty raw
Tell them this the law and we weeded

So if it's God you believe in (yeah)
Bob your head and just nod in agreement (yeah)
They say time's undefeated
I'ma be the first one who can beat it (yeah)
I had hoop dreams, now I shoot threes (what?)
Got a lil' green (yeah), but I don't do weed (nope)
Purp nor lean (nah), that's tunechi (yeah)
That's new orleans (yeah), fuck drew brees (yeah)
Snoop d-o-double (uh), that's two g's
I probably spent on paper, oowee
Since Tuesday, probably killed a few trees (yeah)
But the only ones I smoke are the loose leaf
Not high, but I'm your highness (what?)
Secretly, you're my bitch, but you haters are butt hurt (ow)
Bunch of sore hind ends (ow), I was just a poor white kid (yeah)
Now if rap was b-ball, I be jordan like bitch (what?)
You wish you could score like this
Yeah, not even at half court I'd miss (nah)
I mouthwash, 'cause if I was on the floor, I'd swish (right)

Flouride swish, but I cannot lie (nah)
I got you in my top five worst rappers of all time
I lost my spot, y'all got alzheim
King of rap? Nah, their words, not mine (yeah)
King of swear words and not lying (yeah)
You should never compare yours
A toll free number, only way you'll ever have a hot-line
Fuck's going on man? (yeah)
Bunch of half wits up in office
Half of us walking around like a zombie apocalypse
Other half are just pissed off and don't wanna wear a mask
And they're just scoffing
And that's how you end catching the shit off 'em
I just used the same basked as you shopping
Now I'm in a fucking casket from you coughing
Always stay ahead of haters, let 'em hate
But never let a traitor penetrate your circle
Seperate yourself from those who try to pull you down
The real ones never stray, it's sort of like medusa (yeah)
That's how you stay ahead of snakes
Emcees pull out gats, I don't give a fuck how strapped
You're gonna out-rap me?

I doubt that, please bitch, I'm a house rat
These raps are 'bout that cheese like mousetraps
Earthlings, I adapt to 'em
Certain things, I don't want to do but have to
In order to just act human
Like using the bathroom and vacuuming (yeah)
Rapping in the booth in a triple fat goose hazmat suit
Bubble wrap and a mask too
And I don't think that's what they meant by trap music (nah)
Running through ink like I'm tattooing (yeah)
This is music to be murdered by, you love
Turn the volume up, I am fired up like a blunt
Bread is long like an italian sub, I am drugs
That's is probably why your opinion of me's high as fuck
And it's nonstop fury
'Cause I ain't holding 'em up like armed robbery
And God's my jury, so when I die, I'm not worried
Prayers to george floyd and ahmaud arbery
How the fuck is it that so many cops are dirty?
Stop man, please, officer, I'm sorry
But I can't breathe when I got you on top of me
Your goddamn knee's in my carotid artery

The adventures of Moon man and Slim (ah)
Yes, who want it with them?
The trilogy continues, serving niggas, yes, what's on the menu?
Watch 'em panic, hot damn it (let's get it, baby)
Hope you fuckers understand it
The realer for you niggas
Come and get these scriptures (yeah)
Rap God

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