The time is now,peace is the lie
The only true course is to revolt & defy
The Roman dogs are raping the land
Judea,the people,they just don't understand

They murder loved ones by sword & the flame
They have no restrictions to torture & maim

They'll die by my hand,as sure as my name is Barrabbas

Courage is needed for the cause so true
For the Roamns are many,& alas,we are so few
I'll take my legions of zealots afield
To fight to the death 'til the Romans finally yield

Take up the sword,throw down the staff
Make Rome rue the day the crossing of our path

And let them cry out in pain in the wrath of Barabbas

Flee to the mountains to plan our attack
Commit body & soul,for there must be no turning back
Forge weapons of iron in the caves down below
To compete with a mighty & well armed foe

Jailed for murder & sentenced to die
To be hung on a cross when the sun is high in the sky
The Nazarene takes my place for me
And thanks to the people & God,I'm once again free

Back to the army to regroup them fast
Our war will roar in a fiery blast
The Romans will pay,for they've not heard the last of Barabbas

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