Made To Last

Derek Johnson

You are more beautiful than stars in the night
More faithful than the sun that will rise
You’re worth more than all that glitters and shines
Lord, you are
You are God so glorious in all of your ways
I’ve felt your heart, your passion, your grace
You are the love that won’t be erased
Lord, you are

You are all, all my heart was searching for
Your love has opened up the door
You’ve entered my heart forever
And I will never be the same
I’ll worship you for all my days
This love was made to last forever
You’re the peace, that calmed the storms inside of me
That tore down every veil in between
You’re the power death could not defeat
Lord, you are

I know your love is greater
Than any love that I’ve ever known
And in you I am anchored
To overcome any storm
Your love is stronger
Your love is alive in me
And I will love you forever
Forever my heart will sing

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