Our Love's in Danger

Nick Ashford / Valerie Simpson

Our Love
Our Love's in Danger
If You Don't Hurry Home
I Might
Give It to a Stranger

I Never Wanted You to Go
I Told You Many Times Before
I Need Your Loving Day to Day
I Get So Tired When You're Far Away
You Got Me Staring At the Ceiling
Better Come Quick
You Can't Make It Too Soon

I Never Want to Do You Wrong
But You Been Gone Away So Long
I Don't Know What You Expect of Me
That's What I'm Trying So Hard to Be
Don't Force Me Into Another's Arms
Our Love
Our Love
Our Love

Get the Picture, I'm Here All Alone
Ain't You Worried
About Your Happy Home
What I'm Thinking
Makes Me Feels Ashamed
Tell Me Who's to Blame

Tell Me What to Do About The
Strangers Coming From Everywhere
Strangers Calling My Name
Just Don't Know What to Do About It
Ooh, They're Calling Me, Ooh

Curiosidades sobre a música Our Love's in Danger da Chaka Khan

Quando a música “Our Love's in Danger” foi lançada por Chaka Khan?
A música Our Love's in Danger foi lançada em 1980, no álbum “Naughty”.
De quem é a composição da música “Our Love's in Danger” da Chaka Khan?
A música “Our Love's in Danger” da Chaka Khan foi composta por Nick Ashford e Valerie Simpson.

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