Rap City 2002 Freestyle

Big Tigga
It's Bone Thugs N Harmony, Thug World Order! Krayzie...
Krayzie Bone
Yeah, Krayzie's 'bout to go looney but I don't think they wants to see me snap just in case I pick up the strap/ Cuz Krayzie wont be havin' none of that/ Forget all that I ratted it tat-tat/They said it go, buck! Buck! You're dead as put the barrell up in your mouth/ Now suck on these slugs like nuts/ You run up on Leatherface, the consequences will be death, I cut off your/And I stick it up in you cuz ya played yourself/ You finna be dodgin' one that's out to get loose/ They say I'm too slim but I know I can win when I'm full of a fifth of that juice, yeah, yeah
Bizzy Bone
Yeah, full of a fifth of that juice, Krayzie my homeboy c'mon and break loose/ I tell 'em now, let me get psychological; Me and my apostles, some will call it gospel/ It don't matter, it's four aristotles comin' from the dome; Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone that T-H-U-G/ I never be a clone and my zone got your mind blown, people get throwed, what you want? Want to haunt? Taunt? Flaunt? With the Boss come costs, take a loss if you think you in the sauce, callin' Williams that's Cleveland still thuggin' and thievin'/ I'm willin' and we're stealin' and some people are killin' and others are there dealin' on St. Clair but we are still chillin' and uh, we're still together through the weather, anyone better? Call it '76 September! Never gone break-up, make-up if you shake us huh-huh ya'll can't take us, wake us? We wasn't sleep ooh/ And the reaper keep me deep in my body and we got 'em like John Gotti but brothers that's on an African mission/ Where my posse? Ain't givin' up for the thugs, Thugs World Order, what? Throwin' up gang signs, bang on you/ What you want? but uh! Don't say it ho, they won't play it leave it alone with my dogs cuz tomorrow we slayin' hey!
Layzie Bone
Hey! Hey! Lil' Lay up in this place/ Ya'll heard what he said; We leavin' em all bloody red/ It's that lil' lil' hustla lately
Krayzie Bone (Bizzy Bone)
Baby! Get the album, then you gon' know what's really goin' on. (Big Tigga Gimme somethin' gimme somethin')
Big Tigga (Bizzy Bone)
Uh huh, uh huh okay, I'm droppin' things in this bucket like it's full of water/ You gotta get that new Bone Thugs N Harmony album, Thug World Order/ I outta punch you in your eye, Big Tigga- T.I. I do it till I die, it's Bassment, BET, check it how I be doin' now/ And ya'll be screwin' how/ Big Tigga, cream style, seen your girl scream me out/ Thug, Bone, you know how it goes; Send your ass home/ Hold the microphone, it's Krayzie, Layzie, Wish, Flesh & Bizzy/ Is it Big Tigga comin' on, we'll we back in a minute, hey! (Rap City uh, Rap City uh)

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