I Wish You Well

Bill Withers

I wish you flowers sunshine and smiles
I wish you children that grow to make you proud
I wish you pretty things to wear
Sweet things to smell

I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

I wish you good friends that always treat you fair
Wanna wish you ribbons to tie around your hair
I wish you truckloads of cheer and many happy years

Repeat Chorus

Wanna wish you freedom to do the things you love
I wish you blessings and kindness from above
Wanna wish you sunlight through the clouds
And I hope you laugh out loud

Repeat Chorus

Curiosidades sobre a música I Wish You Well do Bill Withers

Quando a música “I Wish You Well” foi lançada por Bill Withers?
A música I Wish You Well foi lançada em 1975, no álbum “Making Music”.

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