Jesus Save...

Self esteem is holy, and holy is your god
Selfishness your passion, religion and your law
Loathe, Abhor, disintegrate your mind
Rage against the machine of God and all that is divine
Jesus save! Jesus save! Jesus save the innocent
Jesus save! Jesus save! Jesus save me
Hail promiscuity, embrace its' lie of love
Cast aside tradition as pretension from above
Marriage, Chastity, nothing you should know
The shackles of a dead religion bent on your control
Freedom from consequence, that's what we're shillin'
You can't let an embryo interfere with your sinnin'
Kill! Execute! It's him or it's you
The law of death is selfishness, you have the right to choose!
Right to live!
Right to die!
Choose the lie!
Jesus loves the embryos, for the Bible tells us so
But it's your body, and it's your life
The embryo has to go
An acid bath and a vacuum hose
Will get you up and goin'
Because you have the right to choose who comes and grows in your loins
Send to me your weakest, your precious, your youth
I'll desecrate your mothers and put death inside their wombs
Freedom, Deception, it all goes hand in hand
The heart that spills an innocent's blood is under my command!
At Calvary the innocent died to set your spirit free... the innocent die for me

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