The Squid


it's friday night and i'm tired of searching for this life
the week's been cruel to me, i just want to feel alright
all over town the word's been going around
and where i want to be is wherever you'll be found
now it takes up nearly all of my time
and i need, i need some way
i need some way to get you off my mind

sometimes when you get close to me
it brings me close to heaven, but i can't get in
no no no, and the more you shy away from me
to search for something better, it hurts me so
but i don't know cause i'm the squid

now all this time i wait for you to realize
i'll treat you lovingly, so open up your eyes
and once again i say i need you my friend
touch your lips to me and i'll be your cigarette
you know i love you so
but i don't know and i won't know
excactly where we're going to go

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