Keep It Movin'

[saukrates] a ha, capital hill
{xzibit} yeah, sit back and smoke a fat one. yeah, pronto. look from los
Angeles to toronto.
[saukrates] I heard that big sox got it going on. I heard that nigga
Xzibit got it going on.
{xzibit} spittin' at 'em. yeah, like a automatic philly.

Yo, revolutionary, evolutionary
Bulldozer, leave y'all with troops to bury
Clean sweep if ya smell fear in these mean streets
It's instinct, life's a bitch and she's far from cheap
I got love for my dogs hustling for defeats
Put it down for this paper, increase the real
Come wit it, run wit it, fuck wit it
Big sauk to shock your mind and your spirits
Taste these lyrics while I spit truth on tape
Whether two inch, a dat, or d-a-t-a
I impregnate wax, so get mine regardless
Of anybody's set, I'm starving the artist
Who's next to me? the x to z
Together we bomb mcs with text debris
Leaving y'all hard pressed to breath
Other words, nigga's show love and chicks spit the ecstasy
How real is that?

Chorus [saukrates] {xzibit}
I keep it moving and moving, keep it going, going like that y'all
{like that y'all}, like that
{i keep it moving and moving, keep it going, going like that y'all}
Like that y'all

See I put the beated nigga, ask him if he's had enough
Tan khakis, t-shirt, wife beater tatted up
Looking for props
How you explain to nigga drinking beer to the bottom that they can't come up
Mother fucker say what?
Stack loot so much, reach out and touch you probably die from the paper cuts
I see you lazy fucks, sceming on the speed demon
Keep on dreaming, give me any type of reason
To stop your breathing, yeah it' me against the world
'cause the eyes deceiving, anybody want to bet me
Saukrates, bouncing wide like a jet ski
Meet a bitch who ain't hard stick like wayne gretzky
Look I try to live where the lolos and the sets be
I still roll dolo, how a normal nigga test me
I let you have it in the face trying to waste me
Your homies can't face me 'cause they scared for their own safety

Chorus [xzibit] {saukrates} repeat 2x

How real is that?
{feel the rush} yeah, feel it
{feel the adrenaline *echoed*}
Feel the rush, feel the adrenaline

Yo, take that, take that, nigga stay back
With that fake rap, break that 'fore cats react
To your shallow ass shit, go practice
Saukrates never making wack shit, trust me son
If I'm eating, my dogs eating
Use experience for teaching without preaching
Each, and everyday I be thinking about my future
Preparing for the new world we ain't used to
Handle that, with supreme caution
Peep this mental distortion
Hitting you with grips of funk by the portions
Consulting with killers could lead to abortion
Face down in a closed coffin, what!

Chorus x2

[outro: xzibit]
This is how we do mad dawg. ha ha ha ha. yeah, pronto from here to
Toronto. x to the z, saukrates, liquid mcs baby. so, keep it moving.

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