Auburn road

Wings of Azrael

The sun sleeps and so does the mask that
I wear in the light to hide my face. The world doesn't know who I am. The moon rises up, and with it, the trembling fear that has frozen my blood.
I wish I could sleep with the sun, let its rays be the warmth I have missed for so long. Even if its fire engulfs me, at least I'll be warm...
The air is so cold that I can't breathe, my last leaves falling at my feet.
Am I awake or dreaming? Should I open my eyes or tear off the lids? Words cover the ground over which I speak.
Fog rolls in and I can't see what's standing right in front of me. I'm blind but I feel you... I'm not alone.
I can't stop. Get out of my mind.
These aren't the lines that are taking your life: I try to, but can't help you. These times I know I'm wrong and you're right again, you're right again. I know... I know I'm gone. They rape your mind in search of bad memories to keep you in line.
You're right again, rest is a chore when your dreams become harder than life. We're so far apart now.
If distance makes the heart grow fond, then why am I losing you? This time, I know you're wrong. I miss your heart and the body it's in, but I can't help but feel like I'm losing you. When I come home, I know you'll be gone.

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