I reach tranquillity
When dusk lies down before me
Our needs are sinister
As we kill for borders, that are
Made by men, the Fatherland
Cut deep in flesh so proud
The scars of old, a pain untold
Upon my soul and on my...

My redsmeared hands
Your sunburnt body fades and dies
Vast, empty land
You bleed your life on foreign soil

Seeds of humanity
Sown by the ploughs of war
We seek for stimuli
In shattered faces, wounded
Somber strain, a Voyeur's game
Oh Gun, please hold my hand
In the end, there is an end
I'll wage this war on my...

My empty hands
Your sunburnt colors fade and die
Vast, empty land
We bleed our lives within it's soil

War !

You'll never see sun burning
You'll never hear but burning

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