Like Father Like None

Walking from a dream
Falling into a nightmare
Father`s raised me
Into a man of the fall

I'll never sacrifice
My restless sleepless nights
Where you're come to destroy
Celebration's joy

My mother's bruises on her skin
Engraved into my heart
To exorcize my inner pain
By fuckin up my dreams

I was young you fuck now choke
I don't have to laugh with your jokes
Trembling words exhaled in pain
And never comes the rain

Nothing to admire an idol of mad (falling)
Tears or water on my face it's the same
To you (angel)
Massive disappointment (I break) again (in tears)
I tried to make you proud and failed (fading)

Ambitions you demolish and shattered (in pieces)
I never understood the reason why you had to
Treat that way (burning me)
The principles where more important
Than (happiness)
Grap the child and squeeze it of his dreams (dying)

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