Permanent Price

A bit of time
I need it now
If I'm too forward, slow me down
But can you see I can't sleep?
I wonder what it'd be like with you next to me

I think you're what's costing me

The permanent price
The look in your eyes
I know what you mean without saying a thing
So please tell me now but don't let me down
The words that you say are the price that I pay
Feels like I've been running out of the means I need to survive
I know I'm not ready to die
I won't let it happen

Lock the door
But what for?
No one to walk in on me anymore
Think my place needs a new face
Feel free to occupy my space sometime

It feels like my skin's been keeping me in
But you help me take it all on the chin
Accept me for me
Allow me to be a form of myself I've always wanted to see

I need a release
You're talking at me
I know what you want
I've got what you need
I'm feeling a way
A permanent way

Well, what are your plans?
I think you should stay
'Cause I hope that we can feel the way we do now for all time
I feel so content I could die
I might let it happen

Curiosidades sobre a música Permanent Price de Wallows

Quando a música “Permanent Price” foi lançada por Wallows?
A música Permanent Price foi lançada em 2022, no álbum “Tell Me That It's Over”.

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