Have we been pigeonholed
As men of straw
Are we but figureheads
Or a chronic bore
Are we a setting Sun
Or a loaded gun
I have to pick just one
Be definitive, be alone

Don't let the teacher catch you laughing
No don't let the teacher catch you
I'm at the party alone smashing my head with your hands
I'm at the party alone again

Honour the devil's accomplice
Lay not the guilt or fashion the blade
Choices whatever the weather
Because your emotions will spoil the parade
Bastards thanks for the memories
This beautiful city will never forget
Care one way or the other
We gave all your secrets away

All illuminated no one's there
All experience but none to share
And no one cares
No authority or leadership
We're underneath the bed suffocating
For the lion's share
The lion's share

You're with the professionals
We can walk on water
Trained virtuosos
We don't think you're right for us
Play with no authority
Play with no sincerity
You got everything it takes

How did we get so reckless now
Have no time for complacence now
I'm ready for the wounds to heal
I'm ready for the big reveal
I'm ready for a suicide
I've built us all a place to hide
I'll frolic in the falling leaves
'Cus I know just what the winter brings
I know just what the winter brings

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