Song For Six

So rosy, all my cheeks so rosy
I feel like the spoiled girl who ruins all
Your birthday parties

The winner of musical chairs
You take and take and take and I notice
Every time the music stops we
Hold our breaths
For you

I am all alert and waiting
Six a.m. is fading
Wake and I'll be gone again
Until winter bites the cork
Empties pile on back shelves
Like penicillin bottles collected over a
Ten year disease
For you

I'd walk home from school nearly
Every day hopping cracks so
That I wouldn't hurt your back
You'd like all my finger paintings and
The boys that I would kiss
Mrs. Taylor, these are things that I will miss
Mrs. Veysey, these are things I'll truly miss

I am not a friend
I am not anyone
I'm just another person waiting in line for you
to change

When will the time come?

Six a.m. is fading wake and I'll be gone again

It tears me up inside

(You are not forgiven)

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