Same Old Madness

Monday morning speaks and here we go again
It's an episode of saturday night live
Another week of feeling like a hamster on a wheel
Why am i not surprised
People talking at me, but i don't hear a word
Been working for the man from nine to five
I'll take my week's reward straight to the landlord
Living in this fool's paradise

It's just the same old madness
When life goes around in circles - it pulls you back
Into the same old madness
Your life going 'round in circles
Just gets you in the middle of a jam

It's three o'clock on thursday and the car freaked out again
Like a random deja-vu inside my mind
I'm walking to the rhythm of the falling rain
Not my idea of a good time

So take me home, my darling
Take me home back to the farm
Where the days are free and easy

We'll catch up on the weekend, but our destiny is clear
We're like two ships that go passing in the night
I wake up sunday morning just to face the fear
It's really monday, that's right

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