Scrape... harder
Aftermath sets in on me
I am wretched, detestable, worthless

Compelled to comprehend the guilt
To forfeit everything for atonement

I'll hide away to fight the side that's screaming, What have you done?
And the other that's fine with being, The bloodstained one
Myself against me, two darkened faces, which one will win

Take this affliction of the heart
Dull these wounds of sorrow
Beg for attrition from remorse
My soul become so hollow

I crawled and grasped for it, but still, grace eludes me

I could have been the one to save us all
From forces raging
Instead I chose to fade and lost control
And now I'm paying

This agony is punishment for the choice I made
I've never felt so crushed beneath an overwhelming weight
Destroyed by misery, this aching disease, torment deserved


Turn my hands to stone
God knows my heart's halfway there
Just take away my ability to kill
Alter my moral perception
Turn it upside down

I found a place to escape from Two sides of sin
Shed simulation to become Two beasts within
I'll take the pain and build four walls Fortress of shame
Lock me away for a just cause Bloody dichotomy
I can't erase the consequence of Murderous rage
I'll simply take myself away from This ravaged place


Curiosidades sobre a música Despair de Unleash The Archers

Quando a música “Despair” foi lançada por Unleash The Archers?
A música Despair foi lançada em 2011, no álbum “Demons of the AstroWaste”.

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