Who's In The House

Unity Klan

Jesus is in the house
My Lord is in the house

We be the ones that be comin out, strong
Never comin wrong, never comin weak
Wit Jesus at the peak then we never feel the heat
Unique styles, Unity likes to bust
Its a must that we put all trust
In Jesus, be the one who rocks the show
A Kings in the house then the spirit gots to flow
Oh so, things are gettin rough in the hood
Comin along to the side where the party's all good
Startin Jesus Christ the host, don't need to boast
Gives you the most of a double dose of the Holy Ghost
So get your praise on all night long
We gon tear down the strong hold to the break of dawn
But first we gon get high in the spirit
If the devil try da smoke then you know he gonna choke
Off tha Jesus chronic so bionic
Low Pro and the devil tryin to get supersonic
So if you hear me won't ya holla
Then get yo hands up and worship the father
Boom there goes the devil's doom
In the room there goes a little mouse
Who's in the house


Live in the hood in 97
Jesus is in the mix in the mist Unity is my click
And I roll wit as I flow wit the ghost
No we don't stop til your body drops fool
Wit that Holy hip hoper praisin higher the Father
Mi Papa, nobody stoppin us
Got the green light from the top gun
Lets have some fun, wit the demons on the mob
Something proper, stompin in bumpin in wit the bass
And the treble, He's that rebel steady mobbin
Should I say lynchin when I'm rhymin
The Lord, watches my back, Unity by my side
Ready to step and bury the devil wit a shovel
Got my double barrel shot gun
Get ready to run, we're preachin the word
Let's get it on til the night is gone
Day we be breakin and shakin
No time for mistakin just bakin
The devil cause he thinks he's clever
You'll never see the light, its gonna be alright
For ya here tonight, when ya party on wit the Son
It's all fun, we the Holy Ghost party
We started breakin strong holds of the enemy
Worthy of payin, He's the one in the house
Now tell me, Who's in the house?


When I creep up to the mic and you begin to here the rupture
Thinkin bout the end like I'm caught up in the rapture
I got my Lord on my side, He's omnipotent
He's the one that changed my life and made me to repent
I got my flow from my God can you understand
God has planned this, devil can't stand this [oh yeah]
Im on this mission can you handle what I got to say
I bring my army, it's my Bible each and every day
As you feel the bass comin down in the ground
We got the sound that makes you wanna move around
We're from the Unity down for the G O D
Cause we got the power that will set you free
Life up your hands, lift Jesus high
He's the Alpha Omega, did I mention He's my Christ
My God's view is reality we got authority
Praisin G O D cause He sets us free
Dont drip cause you can't try to bang me or play me
Ive been washed by the blood G
It's like that, and no trippin on the one of deez
Cause God is the praise that I wrote
So jus sit back relax put your seatbelt on
Wit the G O D, no you can't go wrong
It's all good in the hood when you're praisin His name
Now shamed to my game
Now tell me, Who's in the house?

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