Hit That Dancefloor (Feat. Master Freeze)

Step to the club and blow up the spot
Me and my dogs 'been making' it hot
Came her to make you sweat again
Tommy vee play the track i'm on my way
Don't forget the bottles the models the crystal
Got to be prepare this ain't no freestyle accordion
Reserve the table line up the bottys
I'm sticly girls non tutti frutti
All i need is a mike to get down
1,2 check the sound i'm all around
With the sound that be blowing up your ears
If you wasn't prepare you'll be runnin up the stairs
Tryng to catch some fresh air
We down underground
Wild for the night we about to get down
Freaks recognize hoez do to
Welcome to the show you know how we do
Hit that dancefloor
Shake that ass what you waiting for
Get your groove on
Hollar at me if you want some more
This is the joint and i'm vibin on it
Cat's in the club betta get up on it
Thugs in the jeep will be riding on it
Ladies at the table back your thing up on it
No matter how you want it i'll give it to you
Got the goddies i'm coming trough you
Do you in the way that i do best
Hit the floor and forget the rest
Now party with me and put your hands up, hands up
That's what i mean and let your hands clap, hand clap
Dance to the bat get feaky and wild
Free yourself cause we gonna get loud

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