We'll Find Out

Do your actions mention, your heart's intentions
We'll find out

Is your mind mistaken, is your conscience not at ease
We'll find out

Do you strive to deny each kindred spirit in the room
We'll find out

And is your highest pleasure now, the misfortune of fools
We'll find out

You hide nothing, just believe it, we all see it

Oooohhhh ooh ooohh

In the basement, you did wait
Wondering what they would do
And you could not accept the fate
Of three thousand volts through you
And there is nothing you could say

Only what you should have done
And you should have walked away
Instead you're living on the run

Now it's coming forth, the sea
And it's moving through the trees
It is the wind before your hand
As its coming down upon me
You hide nothing
Just believe it
We all see it

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