Waste Of Time

You're just a waste of time, I left behind
And worst of all, you'll never say you're sorry
Waste of time, I left behind
All I want is for you to go!

Another getaway your feet must be worn out
I hear it's cold up North but I'm living down South
Well was it worth it? Did you find what you're looking for?
Spread your legs and wings, they both seem to get you far.

Bad decisions lead to wake up calls
The things you did they hurt me worst of all
Poor intentions never break my fall
All the things that you did, they hurt me worst of all

You must be lonely when you don't have a friend around
You get no sympathy cause you always let them down
It hurts to look ahead, to look back seems so hard
But I was by your side and now you're so far

Bleach out the stains, cover your shame
You're moving away, let's call it a day.

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