The Woodsmen

mmm, if its shitey then its good!

when your swerve is in season the moths will all die.
ill stand at the edge of your garden and work on just breathing right.
good night, sleep tight- but leave the porch light on, babe-
in case it dont go right.
wether the larks presume to know me or know,
those which are lustful are the most poignant and bold.
avocado grows above- i eat the fruit and save the seed,
and i feel their essence striving- this is how i know you love me.

black night comes slowly- an accordians breath.
im building a house for a picture of my mother which ive not shown you yet.
im on the moon, its cold and its snowing,
her pants are so tight and the bullseye is glowing,
but then i smile, once again-
to myself in the evening when im with my friends.

i cant love but i have to try- hang my dreams on a lullabye.
one of us had to have the guts to try it,
you can take aim but i remain defiant.
some men are prone to misadventure,
theres quite a few things that im-a not gonna mention...
p.s. if its shitey then its good

the balance of greenery and blossoms is upset by your presence.
i dont- i dont want to...
i dont want to turn and feel the sudden silence of your scent.

scrambled eggs here- ive taken leave of my senses!
getting real curious about the horoscope of my dentist...
since i havent got one- teeth is all rotten!
but i know the difference between 2 and 2...
all the things to be done, you want me to do them to you.
but, 'however slow my marches be,
i will at last sit down by thee'

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