Status Update

The Strypes

You've got to go out and grab it
Watch me cause I took my chance
We're all just creatures of habit
And I'm a snake in a world of rats

Just give me
One reason
One reason why I should
Justify my actions
I don't really care
It's a shame (shame) (shame) (shame)
And it never felt so good
(shame) (shame) (shame)
Doing things I never could
(shame) (shame) (shame)

Substantial abuses
Baby I've got to go out
Some half assed excuses
Like it gives me things to write about

You've got me feeling tired and fat
Am I becoming a rat?
A fifthy rat.

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Em quais álbuns a música “Status Update” foi lançada por The Strypes?
The Strypes lançou a música nos álbums “Little Victories” em 2015 e “Little Victories (Deluxe)” em 2015.

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