No Love

Doug McKean

Get your head out of the clouds kid
Get your heart out of the gutter
Get your mind off your sleeve
It's so easy to read
You used to walk so proud kid
Like there was no other

Like a fool you believed
You're so easily deceived

You never get just what you want
You only get what you deserve

I see you chasin' down a spectre
Runnin' headlong into pain
Apparitions in your eyes
She's cut you down to size
And all your good intentions
Have only brought you rain
So grow up and get wise
It's cruelty that gets you by

You're as cold and you're as bankrupt as before
You've been kicked right in the teeth and shown the door
You're abandoned and forgotten when push comes to shove
She could've called it anything
She should've called it no love

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