Humanity Fooled!

Revolting, unleash the hounds of hell.
Fall before your pre-made doom, the rebellion cease to quell.
All ends loom, all destinys carry cracks.
Heroic feats defying nothingness are absorbed by the black.
Hail grievance, the guardians of tomorrows victory.
Awaiting patiently to strike and besiege.
Wheres reason, without the art of attack?
Beneath the ashes of the outcome, the logics intact.

Damnations rule, Order through chaos!!!
Disaster brings with it uncouth.
Uncertainties embrace the absolute.
Threatening, the light of a new day, torn apart before it is made.
Avast upheavals summoning.
Annihilation, Pestilance, War and Suffering!!!

Summoning fires! In pieces, divided.
Utopia at last! Mockeries laugh!
Deprivation, inevitable deterioration of victories in past!
Forever shunned, the fate of this world.
Unrivaled kings of all refuse their victor...
Humanity fooled!!!

Strife eager, awaits the coming of its birth.
Like the charge for war announced, sieze the stronghold of the earth.
Appointing, two bizarre methods mege.
Once opposing eye to eye, lower the guards and converge.
Uprising, decievers lurk in the black.
Yet unseen amongst the shadows, ever present essence lack.
Appaling with fire enforce their truths.
But never lose, defy death til the death.

Damnations rule, Strike until ever!!!

Hives cave in! The seventh sign unforsaken!
Abundant strife, for the taking, below!!!
Succumb to storms, your existance is shaking.
Unearthed, unsymphathetic!
judgements rage.
Convictions maze determines future!
Your cetainties, you'll defend!
Eternities to must end.

Divine halls of perished wisdom, the antidote to death.
A fading suns final flames above linger.
The twilight of the new... ages

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