Tie The Rope

Nate Ruess / Sam Means

I'm in envy of addicts,
You're obsessed with stars
Don't, don't you sound so excited
You're showing me your vanity

Whisper it once,
Just a little bit
C'mon whisper it twice
I can't stand to see the spotlight shine one more night
It's killing me to see you

Just tie the rope
And kick the chair
Leave me hanging there,
Gasping for air
Yeah don't mind me three feet from the ceiling
And I think i know (whoah oh oh)
Why you never get to close
It's cause youre too scared to
When i'm with you theres no point in breathing

You'd rather watch me drown,
Then see your hands get wet
You took the plot from stage to screen
And turned it to an epic scene

So whisper it once,
Tell me again
C'mon whisper it twice,
I can't stand to see my whole life flash before my eyes
When I'm with you theres no point in breathing
No point in breathing


So so you run away for no apparent reason
Cause you and I are changing with the seasons
Don't give me an answer as to why youre leaving
The tables are full
But nobodys been dealing so fold your hand,
C'mon and fold your hand

Curiosidades sobre a música Tie The Rope de The Format

Em quais álbuns a música “Tie The Rope” foi lançada por The Format?
The Format lançou a música nos álbums “Interventions and Lullabies” e “Interventions + Lullabies” em 2003.
De quem é a composição da música “Tie The Rope” de The Format?
A música “Tie The Rope” de The Format foi composta por Nate Ruess e Sam Means.

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