Mirror Error

Davey thinks he looks just like
the face he makes in mirrors
Only once or twice a month
does the mirror do him justice
Every other time he looks a mess
He expects a lot from it
but then barely notices

Davey knows we all create
the world from in our skulls
Everything you think of is
just as real as you make it
Now he only focuses on dreams
Can you make a name exist
just by focusing on it

I've been around a mirror enough
to know it's hard to change
We're like magicians when we dream
but we wake up... nothings different
Cover up with jewelry
But pierce all the parts you got
If the packaging design
could fix the contents

I might distort myself a bit
I doubt that I'm the only one
to hope that features smear
Want the face that's stuck to my skull
It's just a mask
Peel the skin away and we'll trade
I'm not so attached to this face

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