It's You

The Epoxies

It's you I'm sure
Cause I can't find a cure
But I don't believe the effect you have on me
I can't find the antidote for you
I'm sure that love is nothing more
Than a host a strain that you I have to blame
I can't find the antidote for you

My clock is ticking faster than before
I thought my life had so much more
One kiss and it's over and not the way you think
You're nothing but smiles when I'm sipping my last drink

It's you I'm waiting for
It's you I never bargained for
It's you
All this will end with nothing more
Oh it's you

It's true I'm sure
I'll lie here on the floor
Cause I can't discern
The way these things have turned
Can I find a single thing in lieu of you
This sickness is a thrill
Cause I can't abstain from these things on my brain
I can't find the antidote it's true

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