Son Of Shaft

Allen Jones / Homer Banks / William Brown

I'm the son of a [?]

Son of Shaft
(Don't forget my daddy)
Son of Shaft
Son of Shaft

I was born and raised
And thrown in the street
Had the problems of a man
At the age of three

My daddy was bad
I've been told
So my family name
I must serve on

I love by the clock
And live by the gun
If you ever met the father
Assume you met the son, yeah

Check now
I'm the son of Shaft
(Now you can believe that)
Have trust on me

Curiosidades sobre a música Son Of Shaft de The Bar-Kays

De quem é a composição da música “Son Of Shaft” de The Bar-Kays?
A música “Son Of Shaft” de The Bar-Kays foi composta por Allen Jones, Homer Banks e William Brown.

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