Brian Wheat / Frank Hannon / Jeff Keith

Anyday, yeh, heh, anytime
alntway it takes me to make you mine
I would give it all
Give it all and more
Give you more than you could ever want from me

If anything they say is true
You gotta have heart if you
Wanna sing the blues
But some nights ther ain't nothin' I can do

But cry, cry a ocean
No use tryin' to hide
It's slowly diein' in me
Well surely diein' in me

Now I will confess
Was no second guess
Thought your love
Your love to me
It was the best
Once there was a time
Was no compromise
Your love so lucky to possess
If anything they say is true
What goes around will be comin' to you
I know some night
There'll be nothin' you can do


Cry till you feel that it's over
But you may feel
We're still alive
It's slowly diein' in me

I, I'd cry
Guess you're cryin' now
I try to be everything
Ican for you and from me
All that I can be
Tried, tried to be everything
I could for-or-or you
Cried out, out my eyes for you
for you, for you
ahh, ohh

Take no bed talk
I ain't a toy
I wont be somebody's boy
My heart ain't chasin' no game
and if I play I,m takin' my turn
Take no bad talk
Take no bad talk
I wont be your boy
I wont be a toy
If everything they say is true
Anytime it should comin' back to you

Cry, you can cry an ocean
No use tryin to hide
I'm sick inside of me
You can cry, till you feel that it's over
Don't you come crying
No don't come cryin
Don't come cryin to me

Curiosidades sobre a música Cry de Tesla

Quando a música “Cry” foi lançada por Tesla?
A música Cry foi lançada em 1994, no álbum “Bust A Nut”.
De quem é a composição da música “Cry” de Tesla?
A música “Cry” de Tesla foi composta por Brian Wheat, Frank Hannon e Jeff Keith.

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