Dream On

Andy Scott / Brian Connolly / Judy Collins / Mick Tucker / Steve Priest / Steven Tyler

Your head lies on your pillow
Do you dream of me tonight
I'm waiting for the sunshine
To bring the morning light
To kiss your cheek and wake you
from your sleep would not be right
So gentle like a baby
I'll keep you warm tonight

Let the moonlight cast the shadows
Of our love forever more
Dawn will break and take them away
Like it always has before
But you are here I know it's real
If I reach out my hand and touch you
So I'll leave you softly dreaming
That I'm making love to you

Dream on you little girl
Dream on you little girl
Dream on you little girl

Curiosidades sobre a música Dream On de Sweet

Quando a música “Dream On” foi lançada por Sweet?
A música Dream On foi lançada em 1978, no álbum “Level Headed”.
De quem é a composição da música “Dream On” de Sweet?
A música “Dream On” de Sweet foi composta por Andy Scott, Brian Connolly, Judy Collins, Mick Tucker, Steve Priest e Steven Tyler.

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