Black And Grey

Cadu Pelegrini

Slowly I can see them fade away
Dying inside a waking dream
Uncovering all the things were stained
By someone’s faith

Like a desperate desire
In the startlet ear of night
I raise myself appealing to the mercy of the fire

Time here is passing by like
Descompassed rhymes
Not a single shine
Just a dark canvas sky

When your fear of heaven
Make you stay
And all the colours turn to Black and Grey

Through the hours that flew brightly by
And not a cloud obscured the sky
I will help you bury them up quietly
In a labyrinth of light

And I let myself alone
With my life and death at the same tone
For every sound that floats
From the rust within her throat

When the fear of heaven will make you stay
And all the colours turn to black and grey
When hell became a better place
And all your prayers seem to be in vain

They are neither man nor woman
Monochrome souls not human
Like a Thousand vultures above us
Rising up from the dust of the faithless man
I'll try to be myself again
I don't need your helpless hand
Forever changing places
With the breath from your pale face

Curiosidades sobre a música Black And Grey de StormSons

Quando a música “Black And Grey” foi lançada por StormSons?
A música Black And Grey foi lançada em 2019, no álbum “StormSons”.
De quem é a composição da música “Black And Grey” de StormSons?
A música “Black And Grey” de StormSons foi composta por Cadu Pelegrini.

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