Welcome To The Mario Party

Welcome to the Mario party!

One, two, three and let's-a go
It's ya boy M-A-R to the I to the O
Welcome ya to my big ass fuckin' house up in the hills
You can get through the gate if you got the dollar bills
Throwin' a Mario party and your ass got invited
Ain't no need to worry or get overexcited
This ain't the kid's Mario party, playing games up in a car
Dancin', fuckin', gettin' drunk up in my bar
All my friends and all my enemies have gathered
Sonic's doin' blow so he be runnin' faster
Peach is lookin' fly all in her dress
Mega Man's having a washer/dryer threesome, what a mess!

It's a Mario party baby
The 'Tendo boys going crazy
Everybody's gettin' smashed and then we're gonna smash
As long as Bowser doesn't kidnap all the ladies

Now my bro Luigi, he never allowed
Head in the cloud
Wonder what the fool doin' now
(It's me! Luigi! My invitation must've gotten lost in the mail)
Damn! This party's hotter than a club
Pikachu electrocutin' playas in the tub
Crash Bandicoot gettin' crunk on apple juice
Forget about all of your worries 'cause the Goomba's gettin' loose
Back to the old school, Pong paddle's raisin' it
Talkin' about the roof, other paddle's blazin' it
Take a hit from a Chain Chomp's mouth
Sort of a delicate process, shit could easily go south
Croft raidin' tombs, if by tombs you mean the brews
Playas takin' shots off Professor Layton's clues
Best part about the party is the lack of bros
And I'm talkin' about the one who just put green up on my clothes

Luigi! (Fuck Luigi!)

It's a Mario party, baby
The Smokèmon crew's gettin' hazy
The control's on cruise and the Boos are drinking booze
And if I try to hit on Samus she will slay me

I ain't expectin' any guests
Must be the hundred thousand pizzas, I'm impressed
Tippin' the guy a hundo for thirty minutes or less
Here we go open the door, and
Oh fuck
(Hey bro! It's me! Luigi is here!
Now the party can finally start for real)
Well, I think I'll turn in for the night
It's getting pretty late, almost 7: 45

Hey everybody I'm throwin' a party and everyone here is invited
Sonic is ready to bring all the bodies around to my pad expedited
Everyone's comin' so quit all your bummin' about Luigi he's a dope
So jump in this pipe cause it won't end tonight, holy shit I did too much coke

Take the drugs away from Sonic please baby
Those gold coins is how you pays me
Robotnik is here but he pounded too much beer
And no one wants to fight cause we're lazy
The Mario Party ain't over, oh no
All the Koopas in the house screamin': Yolo!
We saw, we came, we conquered the game
Take us out Bulbasaur with the solo

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Quando a música “Welcome To The Mario Party” foi lançada por Starbomb?
A música Welcome To The Mario Party foi lançada em 2019, no álbum “The TryForce”.

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