High Moon

Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Memories come back to me, it's the 22nd century
Unthinkable events occur on the 3rd moon of Jupiter
I'd leave this hellhole if I could
The mining's hard but the pay is good
There is only one way to survive
I take the drug to stay alive
The shuttlecraft has landed, the killers have arrived
I know I'm alone here, there is no one on my side
I'm ready for the showdown, so let the chase begin
I will not be defeated
I have made a solemn vow to leave here soon
[Marshal's wife]
High moon
The company is trying to hide the higher rates of suicide
Here's no pain and much to gain, but then the drug destroys
their brain
I gotta leave this evil place
I don't belong in outer space
Outside it's zero atmosphere
The only way to get out of here

[Marshal: Damian Storyteller:]
He had to choose between his part in this machine
Or going back with her to earth
He never had a choice, but when he heard her voice
He fought for all that he was worth
I had to choose, I could not lose
Had to get back to you
I had no choice, I heard your voice
I had to survive, had to stay alive
[Storyteller: Dan]
[Worker: Russell (+ad libs last chorus)]
[Wife: Floor]

Curiosidades sobre a música High Moon de Star One

Em quais álbuns a música “High Moon” foi lançada por Star One?
Star One lançou a música nos álbums “Space Metal” em 2002 e “Live On Earth” em 2003.
De quem é a composição da música “High Moon” de Star One?
A música “High Moon” de Star One foi composta por Arjen Anthony Lucassen.

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