Fly Mc

Howie Tee / Special Ed

I hold the fly microphone in the fly right hand
I'm a real fly guy, better yet fly man
The title that I hold is the fly emcee
Why? cause I'm fly, yeah, that's me
You see, I'm flier than a flyer to a hip-hop jam
I can even fly higher than a plane from panam
Flew, took a flight, yes, to france in the fall
They be cryin when I'm flyin, cause I'm flier than them all
Went to france because I was bored
So I took a flight over on the fly concorde
On arrival I was greeted by the king of france
The queen, a band playin for the circumstance
Up came the royal crier, he unrolled his scroll and said
He's flier than the sire and his name is special ed
The king said, you really think you're really that fly?
I said, he read it and he said it, he said, that's a lie
I said, I'm fly, I never lie and, yo, my name is special ed
And if you don't get out my face, I'm gonna fly your royal head
The king tried to call on his royal troops
Pulled out the uzi and the king said, oops!
Up jumped the queen, she called me a nut
So I kicked her in the butt, then I slapped the royal slut
Said, silence! stop the violence, hear what I have to say - eh
The tuba played a note, so I shot the tuba player
Hell broke loose, the queen just rushed me
Grabbed me by my pants, began to hush me
Pushed me on the plane, dragged off the shoes
The levi button fly, 501 blues
Ripped off the shirt, took off her royal crown
Disrobed the royal robe, took off the royal gown
Hotter than a stove, worked me over, she was illin
She was suckin me and fuckin like a heated gorilla
Thought to myself, could this really be true, and
Yo, then I thought: yo, what the hell am I doin?
Gave her her clothes and I said, good night
Opened up the door, but the plane was in flight
She said, special ed, we're in the middle of the sky!
I said, so? I know, you don't have to fly, i
Licked the switch and flew the latch
Then I kicked the bitch through the cargo hatch

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