A score of winters've gone by
Still I recall that night
I smile with the left eye
And cry with the right

Fear of the elven wrath
Lost in a dream dance
Lost in the purple eyes
Of Lady Starbreeze

The night was jealous of
Her ebony hair
Bards sing of her skin
Whiter than snowflakes

Even among the elves
The fairborn of the gods
She was an elf
Beyond the elves

No man could resist
Lady Alhana Starbreeze
Be it a lovely glance
Or a sword through the guts

The moment I was bestowed
With her starjewel
Time has ceased to flow
My heart was mine nomore

The queen of silvanesti
Has bound our hearts forever
All three moons has witnessed
The kiss she landed my lips
She told me to whisper
Her name in the starjewel
As long as death don't part us
We will be two halves of the whole

Never forget me
Until the end of time
Your name will be only thing I whisper
Using the last breath of mine

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