Something Simple

You're in an empty building, working all alone
Thinking about your friends & family, you've left behind at home

You shake everything off and pretend to be OK
You've got another show to plan, just like any other day

When you work 20 hour days, sometimes 7 days a week
The office becomes your home, co-workers become family

After setting things up, making sure things are right
You sit there discussing with the crew, your show tonight

The crowd is now arriving an hour before the show
You put on your game face, get everyone ready to go

now it all comes down to this, you've known right from the start
Many hours were put into this, & it all comes from the heart

It's your job to motivate all those on scene
Quite often all your hard work goes unseen

Everything is over, another day is done
Tomorrow you'll be right back to where you begun

The show is all over, it's time to pack it up
Your emotions are running wild, you want to erupt

You are ecstatic that things seemed to go well
Little do they know putting things together was a living hell

And the only thing that stops your from breaking down
Is you know you'll see everybody next time 'round

You're all packed up and ready to roll
Grab your bags & jacket and head out into the cold

Just as you are leaving out that frigid place
Somebody stops you because they have something to say

They tell you what a good time they had
You made them forget all the problems that they have

Even though you're tired, with what you went through
It all seems like it's worth it, when people complement you

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