Tragic Memories

I remember the moon in the sky throwing it's sorceries
I remember sweet kisses taking me in perdition
I remember sad songs heating up my decadent soul

Distant roads without a destination
I wandered
Torments tried to bury
For distant roads relief, sought
Intense pain, I tried to cure

I remember dead flowers beautiful as the sun
I remember screams to the infinite beggining for answer
I remember tears dropping on the face in silence
Prostrated to the ground of lamentations
I spilled my suffering, I cultivated my rancor
Prostrated to the ground of the lamentation to the life
I renounce myself to the death
I surrender

Curiosidades sobre a música Tragic Memories de Silent Cry

Quando a música “Tragic Memories” foi lançada por Silent Cry?
A música Tragic Memories foi lançada em 2016, no álbum “Hypnosis”.

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