Shawn Mullins

We opened pandora's box just to see if she was
Home she had an apple pie a jaundiced eye and
A big red telephone she said "boy's i know why
You are here, you wanna take me for a ride
But before we go i think you ought to know
That i'm awful hard to hide i'm awful hard to
Hide so how will you do in this town boy's(sic)
How will you call him dead? will he die in his
Rack from a heart attack or from a bullet through his head?"
Then she whispered as we took her out "he need not be afraid 'cause deep inside
The system hide's the truth that you've betrayed the truth that you've betrayed."
No where for us to run thirty silver pieces got the job done got the job done poor
Pandora's life it was not as it had been portrayed a government, an accident and
Now the bed is made and we tried to put her back but we were defeated by our
Greed tried again while shadowmen did their dirty little deed their dirty little
Deed we opened pandora's box just to see what we could find and in there was a
Note pandora wrote just before she lost her mind it said "my passing will allow
A peak(sic) behind the veil of secrecy it's farther out than you can see just no telling
Where that trail will lead no telling where that trail will lead."

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