Love Will Find A Way

Walking down this road I've never been before
It's so hard to realize the painful truth
And everything around us looks unreal to me

But now my time has come, please tell me that I'm wrong
My love will give you comfort, make you strong

I don't wanna live forever
I just wanna stay another day
And lay here near beside you
'cause you and me belong together
Love is gonna find another way
I'll never be without you

All those hopes and plans that grew along our way
Will always be a never-ending dream
And I wish I'd had the time to tell you how I feel

But when the lights go out, your faith is all I have
Forever to your heart I will belong

Remember how it used to be when we had just sunny weather
Every little thing seemed possible
But even in the darkest times out hearts will stay together
'cause love will find a way, yes love will find a way

Curiosidades sobre a música Love Will Find A Way de Shakra

Quando a música “Love Will Find A Way” foi lançada por Shakra?
A música Love Will Find A Way foi lançada em 2007, no álbum “Infected”.

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