Hot To Cold

Michael Sadler / Peter Rochon

You've got us hanging off your every word
Patiently waiting a sign
One minute we can expect the absurd
Next minute everything's fine
So unpredictable no reason nor rhyme
Worse than the hours in a day
We seem to remember a well balanced time
Or was it always this way
Hot to cold
Too hot to hold
Hot to cold
Too hot to hold
Too hot to...
Half a degree either way unconcerned
You shed no ray of relief
And plagued by a fear of your high winds of change
Day to night's difference is brief
Erratic shifts in your moods have us all
Under a high pressure sway
Showering us constantly playing your game
We have no choice but to play
Hot to cold
Too hot to hold
Hot to cold
Too hot to hold

Curiosidades sobre a música Hot To Cold de Saga

Quando a música “Hot To Cold” foi lançada por Saga?
A música Hot To Cold foi lançada em 1979, no álbum “Images Of Twilight (1979)”.
De quem é a composição da música “Hot To Cold” de Saga?
A música “Hot To Cold” de Saga foi composta por Michael Sadler e Peter Rochon.

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