The Ramblers Road

In my head there's a road and I don't know where it goes
But I know it's the road to adventure
And each and every day I swear I'll never stray
from the long dark road of the rambler

As the path goes on I'll be singing my song
Idle iddle diddle dee diddle derry
I'll walk down the track and I'll never look back
Idle iddle diddle dee diddle derry

If you're sick of a life full of boredom and strife
Come with me on the road to adventure
We will drink the strongest porters, we'll follow no man's orders
Stumbling down the road of the rambler

They say all ramblers will pay, they all threw their lives away
But I never believed in their bullshit
Cuz a life of living free is the only life for me
Whatever comes I'll make the best of it

Through the rain and the storm our whiskey keeps us warm
On the long dark road to adventure
And through the windy night, our fire's burning bright
As we sing of the tale of the rambler

After weaving a story of the poor man's glory
And the rising of the dawn in the east
Well it's time we steal away or we know it's us who'll pay
If we happen to encounter the police

No copper's badge, no heavy load
Will keep me from the open road... tonight

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