Arriën Molema / Janne Schra

My visions escape
As I try yo open my eyes
They close again
Are looking for a reason to start this day
But nohitng seems to matter enough

Everything is heavy
Am I still alive?
I'm listening to people start their day
But it doesn't feel like my day at all

And then I hear you song
Touches me the right way
Embraces me
Listening to your song
Awakes me

Staring at squares all day
With places I've never been
Hoping for a blackout to save me
But electricity keeps flowing and I surrender

Listening to your song
Makes me fall in love

Slowly undressing
Trying to remember the day
Nothing worked with me
Not even the wind
When I drove home
If I drove home at all

Listening to your song
Give a meaning to my…
Listening to your song
Gives a meaning to my… day…

Curiosidades sobre a música Listen de Room Eleven

De quem é a composição da música “Listen” de Room Eleven?
A música “Listen” de Room Eleven foi composta por Arriën Molema e Janne Schra.

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