No Changing That

I'm not much different
From the children of Israel
I too forget His acts of kindness
And His miracles
I fall short everyday
Trying to live out of obedience
But it's clear my weaknesses
Are the only trophies on my shelf

All around me the world is changing
Hearts are breaking like glass
Across the oceans, wars are waging
Who knows how long they'll last
It's so hard not to live in fear
Of all the pain the future may hold
Harder still holding on to faith
Holding on to truth
Holding on at all

Chorus 1:
Oh but He is good
And He is faithful
There's no changing that
Oh how He loves us
And He will keep us
There's no changing that
No changing that

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Of this I am confident
That He hears my prayer
Before I speak
He sent His Spirit to live in me
That I may know his voice
He leads my wandering heart
Into His presence
Into joy

Repeat Chorus 1

I could doubt all day
Till I'm blue in the face
Harbor unbelief
And miss out on faith
Still He remains the same
No, He will never change

Cause You are good
And You are faithful
There's no changing that

Chorus 2:
You are the well
That won't run dry
You satisfy
There's no changing that
Full of grace and full of mercy
You forgive me
There's no changing that
One day soon
You'll come and get us
And take us home
There's no changing that
We'll rule and reign forever
With You, our King
There's no changing that
No changing that
No, no, no
No changing that

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