Tv Song



reality is coming in my face
and i can't turn it off
it's a disgrace

tv overkill is just beginning
it's time to take a stand
to start living


let the psychic see whatever they wanna see
i'm going to take control of my life
i will be free


i'm gonna throw my tv out the door
i won't let it put me down no more
i will take a stand and start my life
i got no time to sacrifice

nine o'clock it's coming in my face again
the war, the game and just how she got raped again
your mam could need some plastic surgery
i jus't don't wanna see it on tv


the nine o `clock news is bringin me down
i`d rather spend the whole night out on this town


let the bachelor go on and have his bride
you see
i'm gonna take back control of my life
i'm gonna take take back my pride

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