Samantha Brown Get Down! Get Down!

Samantha Brown Get Down! Get Down!
This burning image from his TV screen.
Tell him where to go. Tell him what to dream.
You're a picture a picture-perfect personality.
You're cookin up a recipe he'll have a taste of that purity. Welcome to Hollywood.
You're dream to be a big star.
I bet you never knew it would go quite this far.
He meets you weekly for your exclusive date.
Hes in the basement with the TV turned to 38.
Your weekly program has become his whole life.
And he thinks of you as he sleeps with his wife.
This perversion.
This obsession.
Hes got so much passion.
He sees you. Such distance.
Planning his big kill.
He's got some, some roses, and a little pill.
How lovely, this roofie.
It bends you to his will.
He licks his lips and waits by the door.
Hes coming to meet you. Hes coming to greet you.
Hes coming to take you. Hes coming to rape you.
His knife to your throat, so you will fall in love.

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